Amazing Matriarchs is the 56th episode of season 8, and the 248th episode overall. The episode is about Ella and her sister dealing with her mother's suddence passing 


Ella is readying the family to take pictures with her mother, but nothing seems to be going right. Malik misses his bus, sending Janine out of the way with the kids to get him, and Mirand is forced to deal with other issues involving the kids when Calvin cuts his sons hair. Just when Ella thinks things can't get any worse, she receives a call from her sister, Evie, that their mother has passed. 

After learning she has been left with a large insurance fund, Ella also learns from Evie that Eunice had Evie earlier with another man before marrying Ella's father and giving birth to her. Ella is disheartened with the news concerning her mother, but even more so when Evie reveals she's lost her job, and about to lose her home. During her mom's funeral, Ella with the support of her family, is able to give her mother a positive homegoing service, accepting that despite her mom's past, she was indeed an Amazing Matriarch.

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