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Season 5Edit

Evelyn is first mentioned in season 5. Her mom, Eunice, calls Ella by her sister's name when telling her to leave her alone, which cause Ella to realize her mom is losing her memory.

Season 8Edit

Evelyn makes her first actual appearance in the season 8 premiere with the return of her mother. The good news of her son getting married and her other son receiving a promotion is overshadowed by the stress of caring for her aging, forgetful mother. She tells Ella they have to put Eunice in a home, but Ella doesn't want to hear of it. After Eunice erupts on both Ella and Curtis, Evelyn manages to diffuse the situation. At this, Ella agrees with her about having to get their mom help.

Evelyn returns in the episode, "Amazing Matriarch", informing Ella that their mother has passed away. We learn during this episode that she had Evie out of wedlock with another man before her siblings. It's also learned that she has lost her job and is facing foreclosure, suggesting that the two men she mentioned in her last visit may be her two sons, not her husband and son. After telling her their mother left Ella all the money because she did not like her father, Ella shows her the end of her mother's Will telling her to take care of her sister, showing her mom did care about her as well. 


  • As Malik is now in college during this time making Ella's age in her mid-fifties, this may suggest that she is in her late fifties or early sixties(despite her appearance), 
  • She mentioned possibly two sons in her last visit. One could've been her husband, however, the fact that she lost her job and facing foreclosure may suggest otherwise. Calvin also mentiones two other grandsons in this episode that may belong to her.