Liz Shelton is wife to Larry Shelton, Janine's mother, and grandmother of Malik, Jazmine, Hayden, and Jayden. She is overbearing, nosy, very naggy, and very critical. She so far has appeared in 4 seasons.

In season 1, Liz shows up with her husband looking for her daughter. After learning of Janine's wherabouts, she and her husband then try to take the kids from C.J. in the following episode. In both, she is very judgemental of the Paynes and the lifestyle that her grandchildren are subjected too.

Liz later appears in season three, moving in with the family for an episode where she gets on everyone's nerves, especially Curtis and Janine. It's learned later that she was kicked out, but her husband accepts her back with a few conditions. In season 5, her relationship with Janine is once again tested as she criticizes her parenting. Liz backs off after being reminded of her own mother who did the same to her.

Liz shows up again in season 6, and takes over C.J's house, which annoys him. However, Liz surprisingly shows a more caring side, and reads the letter of a deceased comrade's daughter that was written to him. C.J. refused to read it, but after she reads it for him, he hugs her after feeling much better about his comrade's death.